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Today, heating has become a reality for everybody because it is making significant and harmful impact to our communities, our health and our climate. However, the planet has come to understand that practical solutions are often found in eco-friendly energy sources that would dramatically reduce the pace of worldwide warming. we will secure renewable energy sources to secure the longer term of mankind. Using unlimited sunlight because the main source of energy, we will generate clean electricity without negatively impacting the environment and ourselves.

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The rise in pollution levels and therefore the rapid depletion of non-renewable fuel resources requires urgent attention to satisfy increasing energy demands. The sun has produced solar power for billions of years. solar power doesn’t produce any pollutants and is one among the cleanest sources of renewable energy. It requires low maintenance and is straightforward to harness through solar photo voltaic technology (solar panels).

Solar energy may be a cleaner, faster-to-build and cost-effective energy solution to coal and diesel based power, the economic and climate costs of which still increase per annum . Backed by a talented team and under experienced leadership, we are paving the way in providing clean energy solutions that are feasible, cost-effective and innovative.

It is Never – ending, Non-polluting renewable source of energy. solar energy won’t run-out like traditional power sources like fossil fuels.

Benefits of Solar

25 Years


5 Years

System Warranty for GEDA Projects

3 - 4 Years

System Payback

< Less Units

Net Metering Benefits


MNRE Subsidy for Residence & NGO’s


Maxium Subsidy from GEDA

40% - 60%

Accelerated Depreciation for Commercial/ Industrial Installation

1500 Units

Minimum Power Generation Per Year/KW

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With your own system , you’d produce sustainable energy by reducing CO₂ also as particulate and soot emissions. As a solar power producer you’re protecting the environment, conserving the resources and safeguarding the longer term for all mankind. By generating solar power , you lower the quantity of traditional energy that has got to be discovered, mined, drilled, transported and cleaned up. once you use solar power you derive power from a clean source: sunlight. Your use of solar power also helps to fight heating and reduce our dependency on decreasing fossil-fuel sources like coal, oil and gas .

Feature of Solar:

  • Negligible cost for life
  • Reliable
  • Wide Choice
  • Custom Design
  • Smart Control
  • Easy Installation
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